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Lost & Found

Music: Ekki Múkk (Sigór Ros)

Number of Dancer(s): 


"[Jesse Obremski's Lost & Found] is the epitome of Diversity of Dance's Hearts of Men"

- Edwin Rodriguez, Choreographer and Dance Artist with Diversity of Dance



Number of Dancer(s):


No Words

Music: No Words (Trevor Bumgarner)

Number of Dancer(s): Two

No Words is a dance film that has stemmed from the activism on gun control in America. The creation of this work was inspired by the impact of guns in America and asks the viewer to think further on what the next step could be in creating safer communities. The work is a fully collaborative effort between all parties of the team and has an original composition, No Words, created for this film by composer Trevor Bumgarner.

Note from the choreographer: “We, as one community, continually need to reflect on how we relate with one another. "No Words" looks to stimulate a conversation of finding respect and love for each other in a society that can easily desensitize this issue. We can quickly forget the sobering realities of these human experiences, one that may not be our own experiences but one, that still affects many humans today. The conversation begins with us all to address this difficult issue and find moments that promote love and respect for our country, our communities, and one another

This dance film was filmed and produced by The Roof Films at The Black Box Theater in The Church of the Blessed Sacrament (May 2018) and will be presented at Arts on Site on (December, 2018).


Music: Grow Till Tall (Jónsi)

Number of Dancer(s): Two

Brothers is a work in collaboration with performers, Terrence D.M. Diable and Michael Greenberg. Terrence, Michael, and Jesse, all born and raised in New York City, grew up dancing, collaborating, growing their friendships, and much more since 2003. The work represents the three's relationships throughout their lives together in New York City, whether being close together or miles a part.

World Premiere at Dixon Place's "Under Exposed Series" (2018), curated by Doug Post, The Battery Dance Festival (August 2018), Arts on Site (August 2018), and will be performed at STUFFED: Dinner and Dance (September 2018), Dumbo Dance Festival (October 2018).

Their Voices

Music: Cycle (Rob Ouyang Rusli)

Number of Dancer(s): Twenty

Their Voices is a work dedicated, in response to, and in support of all of those affected by the immense hurricanes of 2017. The performances experience a hurriance, throughout the space and internal, while clinging on to support each other selflessly. Cycle is an original composition created by an award-winning composer, Rob Ouyang Rusli, for Their Voices

World Premiere at Diversity of Dance's Winter Repertory Showcase at Manhattan Movement Arts Center (2018).

 Photography by Saya Hishikawa

Photography by Saya Hishikawa

"[Jesse Obremski's work] Their Voices was a poignant tribute to human suffering and all of life’s 'hurricanes'. I thought the musical accompaniment [of a new score by Robert Ouyang Rusli] was a perfect mirror of the growing vortex of human suffering. [Obremski asks] the audience to imagine their worst fears and then---signals a way out: Community. This piece is 'prophetic' in the best tradition of prophetic art, i.e., mirroring the realities of the human condition and pointing to solutions premised on human love."

- Dr. Philip B. Spivey, Audience Member in New York City, New York

 Photograph by Jesse Obremski

Photograph by Jesse Obremski

Chapter one

Music: Flight From The City (Jóhann Jóhannsson)

Number of Dancer(s): Two

Chapter One is a study on perception, intention, and changing relationships. With a similar structure physically throughout the work, that matches the circular rhythm and repetition of the score, the dancers experience a possibly never ending cycle of different experiences, through varying intensions, while developing their relationship further with each occurrence. 

World Premiere at The Choreographers' Collective's Showing at LaGuardia Performing Arts Center (2017) and at Dixon Place's "Under Exposed Series" (2018), curated by Doug Post.

Affect the effect

Music: Bubbles (Yosi Horikawa)

Number of Dancer(s): Eleven

Affect the Effect is a work that plays with, against, and through the vibrant score to create a deepened relationship with it. Along with this, the dancers frequently manipulate each other and allow the music to influence them physically and qualitatively to an explosive "finish".

World Premiere at Earl Mosley's Institute of the Arts (2017).

 Photograph by Julia Discenza

Photograph by Julia Discenza

Screen Shot 2017-11-23 at 10.36.48 AM.png


Music: Adagio for Strings (Samuel Barber)

Number of Dancer(s): Nine

O is a work that requires immense openness and acceptance from the performers. Each performer is asked to bring any negativity to the forefront and face it heads on. While going on this individual journey, with these opposing factors, we view these collective and communal processes that each one of us faces and our support of each other to face these head on. 

World Premiere at Earl Mosley's Institute of the Arts (2017).

Mid-Fall (2016)

Music: Blood Rainbow (Tim Hecker), HeavensDust1 (Mike Hall), The Longest Minute (Alan Henriquez)

Number of Dancer(s): Three

Commissioned by the NOREE Performing Arts Organization, Mid-Fall is the first work performed by JOIN Ensemble. The work investigates the simple, yet disconcerting concept of falling: moving downward, typically rapidly and freely without control. This often precarious state, if one allows, can be a catalyst for creativity, freedom, and infinite discoveries. The Longest Minute, is an original spoken word composition created for Mid-Fall in collaboration with voice actor Alan Henriquez. 

World Premiere at NOREE Performing Arts Organization's Playscape 2016: Dance & Music Festival (2016).

 Photograph by Hayim Heron

Photograph by Hayim Heron

Screen Shot 2017-11-23 at 10.14.22 AM.png

Reputation (2015)

Music: Speigal im Speigal (Arvo Pårt)

Number of Dancer(s): One

Reputation is a solo that is an extremely structured improvisation to explore thoughts and emotions that are within someone at any stage of their life. Each performer bearings themselves to the work, through the improvisation, which in turn allows for honesty and openness with the work.

World Premiere at Earl Mosley's Institute of the Arts (2015), and later performed at The Juilliard School's April Workshop (2016). It was further selected for The Juilliard School's Choreographic Honors Concert (2016).